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Congratulations on becoming the proud owner of a new puppy. We know that you want the best for your pet, and as your local vets we look forward to being here for you and your pet throughout what we hope will be a long and healthy life.

If you have not owned a dog before you will probably have lots of questions. We run free puppy clinics where one of our nurses will give you free advice on the care of your puppy. We also run a puppy club to start your new pet’s socialisation process, ask about these at reception.

Puppy Vaccinations / Injections

puppy careJust like us, our pets have vaccines against common life-threatening diseases to ensure they stay happy and healthy. We normally give the first injection from 6 weeks of age and the second 3-4 weeks later. Some breeders or rescue centres may have already started your puppies vaccinations.

  • Core vaccination against Distemper, Adenovirus (Hepatitis), Parvovirus & Leptovirus.
  • Kennel Cough – This is a highly contagious airborne infection that, whilst not normally life-threatening, we recommend vaccinating against. Dogs are at higher risk in areas where there are lots of other dogs, such as puppy classes, doggy day care or kennels.
  • Booster vaccinations combined with a full health check are required every 12 months.

It is preferable that you allow your new puppy to settle into their new surroundings for a few days before its vaccination. Aside from reducing any stress, they may feel this also allows you to get to know your puppy, their appetite and energy levels so you can raise any questions or problems at the time of your appointment.

Pups can go outside straight after having their second vaccination if they have had both their vaccinations with Blythwood, however, they must wait an additional 3-4 weeks before coming into contact with outdoor water sources. This is because it takes a little longer for immunity to leptospirosis to develop.

Puppy Nutrition

Choosing the correct nutrition for your pet is essential for the proper growth and development of your puppy. Speak to your vet for advice on the best nutrition and diet for your dog as all breeds and individuals may have specific requirements.

Parasite prevention

Worming and flea control are an essential part of puppy care. We can supply products to use on your pet and products that kill any developing fleas around your home.

We continually review the research available so we can provide you with the most effective and, importantly, the safest products on the market. We use a prescription medication that kills fleas, intestinal worms and sarcoptic (fox) mange. Importantly, it also protects against lungworm which is not treated by other wormers. Lungworm is a cause of severe illness and even death in dogs of all ages and is prevalent in our area.


We strongly advise all new owners to take out pet insurance to cover against unexpected veterinary fees. Unexpected health problems can arise at any age and taking out a policy when your puppy is young means they are less likely to
have any previous health problems for which cover could be excluded.

Pet Health Club

Our Pet Health Club allows you to spread the cost of your pets preventative healthcare, as well as giving you access to preferential rates and discounts. A leaflet on this service is enclosed in your pack.

Puppy Microchipping

By law, from 8 weeks of age all dogs must have a microchip, this is implanted under the skin of the neck and gives your pet a much higher chance of being reunited with you if they should get lost. A collar and name tag are also a legal requirement. If your puppy is not yet chipped we can do this at the surgery during a routine appointment.


We advise that your pup comes in for a routine health examination at between 5-6 months of age to check on their development and to discuss neutering.

Male dogs can be neutered when they are approaching 6 months of age, which can eliminate some behavioural problems such as territory marking, roaming and some types of aggression.

There are very strong health reasons for spaying bitches early in life and a separate handout is available on this topic.

Of course, pet care does not cease when your puppy becomes an adult. Your annual booster appointment is a great opportunity for a full health check, providing a chance to discuss any problems that may have arisen. To help you on your way we’ve put together the most important health milestones and check-ups in the table below.

Puppy Schedule

6-10 weeks old

  • Health check and 1st vaccination.
  • Speak to your vet to choose the correct nutrition.
  • Parasite prevention - Begin monthly flea & worming treatment.
  • Take out pet insurance.
  • Bring your puppy to puppy parties to start their socialisation.
  • Microchip your pet – it is a legal requirement!

10-12 weeks old

  • 2nd vaccination.

5-6 months old

  • Health check.
  • Neutering discussion.

1 year old

  • Annual health check and booster vaccination annually from now.
  • In discussion with your vet change from puppy food unto a suitable follow on adult diet.

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