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If you are a cat owner in England, you will be legally required to ensure your cat is microchipped by Saturday 10 June 2024, if it is older than 20 weeks old learn more here.

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Congratulations on becoming the proud owner of a new kitten. At Blythwood Vets we know that you want the best for your pet, and we are able to provide the highest quality of care throughout what we hope will be a long and healthy life.

If you have not owned a cat before you probably have lots of questions. We are happy to give you free advice on the routine care of your kitten, and you can make an appointment to see one of our qualified nurses for a free kitten consultation.

kitten careCat Vaccinations

Just like us, our pets have vaccines against common disease to ensure they stay happy and healthy. We give the first injection at nine weeks of age, and the second 3-4weeks later. You need to allow 3 weeks after this until full immunity is present and your kitten can mix freely with other cats. We strongly recommend vaccination against feline enteritis, cat flu and feline leukaemia virus.


Correct feeding is extremely important, and we are happy to offer you dietary advice throughout the life of your cat.

Parasite prevention

Worming and flea control are an essential part of kitten care, and we are able to supply you with the safest and most effective worming and flea prevention medicines for your kitten (see enclosed information).

Cat Microchipping

We strongly recommend having your kitten permanently identified with an identichip, a tiny microchip that can be implanted under the skin of the neck. A quick release collar and name tag are also recommended, but if your cat should get lost and the collar mislaid, every cat is checked for a microchip at all the major cat rescue centres to enable them to be traced back to their owners.This is often carried out at the same time as neutering.

Cat Neutering

We recommend that all cats are neutered from 4 months of age. This is really important to help prevent unwanted pregnancies and has health and lifestyle benefits for bothmale and female cats. There is no benefit to allowing your cat to have a litter of kittens. We strongly recommend that al lcats are kept indoors until they are neutered.

Of course, pet care does not cease when you kitten becomes an adult. Your annual booster appointment is a great opportunity for a full health check and to discuss any problems that may have arisen.

To help you on your way we’ve put together the most important health milestones and check ups in the table below.

9 weeks old

  • First vaccination and health check
  • Speak to your vet regarding nutrition
  • Monthly flea and worming treatment
  • Take out pet insurance

12 weeks old or 3-4 weeks later

  • 2nd vaccination

4 months old

  • Health check
  • Microchip and neutering

1 year old

  • Annual health check and booster vaccination
  • Transition to adult diet

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