Please note Hatch End will be open for collections only on Sat 20 July from 9am-4pm.

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Please note Hatch End will be open for collections only on Sat 20 July from 9am-4pm.

Click here to view the latest information on how to access our services.

Spot the signs

Flea and worms can be the cause of a lot of discomfort and irritation for your pets. If your pet has fleas or worms, there are some tell-tale signs which can alert you. You may notice the physical appearance of worms or fleas within your pet’s coat. You will notice your pet itching more, being more agitated, and a change in weight.

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How to treat your home

 At Blythwood vets we can offer top-quality flea and worm treatments for your pet. However, if you don’t de-flea your home the infestation will keep reoccurring and reinfecting your pet. We have put together a step-by-step guide on the best practices to de-flea and de-worm your home.

Step 1: Vacuum - As soon as you realise your pet has fleas or a worm’s vacuum. To ensure that you stand the best chance of removing a lot of them we would suggest you move your furniture to ensure you vacuum as many fleas and worms up as possible.

Step 2: Remove your pet - take your pet to the vets to get the treatment they need to relieve their symptoms. The treatment the vets will prescribe for your pet will target the whole lifecycle of the flea and the worm including the larvae and the eggs.

Step 3: Spray the house – You can spray disinfectant from your local supermarket. Follow the instructions given that come with the product. We would suggest that before using the product you do a patch test on the material to make sure it doesn’t ruin your furniture.

IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances should you use the disinfectant product on your pet.

Step 4: Open windows and doors – ventilate your house to avoid breathing in all the fumes from the products you have used. The recommended time is a minimum of an hour but the longer you leave the windows and doors open the safer your space will be.

Step 5: Vacuum – once you have aired your house vacuum again all over. This is to ensure you have disposed of all the dead fleas/worms/larvae/eggs. Carefully dispose of the bag from the vacuum straight away.

We would advise vacuuming every day for the next two weeks to make sure you have got rid of the infestation and the cycle of the flea or the worm doesn’t start again.

Hazards to look out for

If your pet has already been put on a flea and worming treatment plan they are very highly protected from fleas and worms. There are many places your pet can pick up fleas and worms including being an indoor pet. One of the most commonly asked questions we have at Blythwood vets is “my pet is in an indoor pet; will they still need flea and worm treatments?” and our answer is always yes we will always recommend protecting your pets from fleas and worms as they are so easy to catch. Most pets will catch them from each other especially in social situations such as a group dog walk or a pet daycare. Fleas will jump from pet to pet making it very easy for an infestation to start. They can also pick up fleas and worms from parks, alleys, and your home! Your garden may contain slugs and snails which can give a pet worms. Your garden may also play host to other wildlife such as birds, squirrels, or foxes which could result in your pet getting fleas and worms.

It is impossible to stop your pet from catching fleas without restricting their time outside the home or within social situations so our advice would be to protect your pet by using preventative treatments.

Catch them from other animals, parks, the grass around your home

Contact Blythwood vets

Looking for flea and worm treatment Northwood? Contact the Blythwood vets’ team today to discuss what flea and worm treatment would work best for your pet. If you have recently just discovered a flea or worm infestation and you require emergency out-of-hours vets get in touch, we are here around the clock to make sure your pet receives the best care!

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