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Pet Dental Care - Keeping your Pets Teeth Healthy

Dental disease is one of the most common ailments in pets due to a combination of dietary and genetic factors. As a Vet Dentist, we provide regular dental exams, scaling and polishing of teeth ought to be a routine part of keeping the mouth of your pet pain-free, healthy, preventing periodontal disease, and unnecessary tooth loss.

If you have ever had a dental problem yourself, you will be aware it can be excruciating.  Unfortunately, pets cannot vocalise the pain caused by dental issues. Gingivitis is the first step on the road to periodontal disease, which is painful and ultimately irreversible if left too long. Infections associated with dental disease can gradually cause damage to the vital organs in the body of your pet through bacteraemia.


Pet Dental Care:

Many pet owners report back that their pet appears significantly happier after dental work has been done, which reflects the underlying pain resolving.

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Once we perform dental cleanings and other dental procedures, we hope you continue proper pet dental care at home. Our veterinarians can show you how to brush your pet’s teeth to reduce the need for dental interventions in the future. We can also discuss other ideas to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy.

Vet Dentist - Emergency Dental Work 

We understand that many pet owners occasionally face an emergency when their pet breaks or injures a tooth and need to see a Vet Dentist. We have the right equipment and tools for emergency dental work.

Our emergency dental work is done to a high clinical standard, and the following is included (as applicable):

  • Dental x-rays are carried before teeth are extracted.
  • IV fluids (if needed), enhancing anaesthetic safety and speeding recovery
  • Dental nerve blocks to provide excellent pain relief for pets having extractions
  • Teeth are extracted surgically (where appropriate) so the gum is stitched closed.

Dog & Cat Dentist - Ongoing Care and Recommendations

Pet dental health is particularly important for each pet’s lifelong, overall health. The team at Blythwood recommends ongoing, at-home pet dental care to preserve your pet’s oral well-being. We recommend a range of select dental health care products, which are used by veterinarians with our pets. These include pet toothpaste, but also products that are easy to use, such as treats, supplements, and more! We can help you choose and utilise the best products for your pet’s lifestyle and needs.

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