Our ’12 for 10′ Offer On Parasite Protection

Parasite protection offer - dog vaccination

During July and August we are once again running our popular ’12 for 10′ parasite protection offer, giving you the opportunity to stock up on your pet’s flea and worming treatment for the next 12 months. Please note that these are prescription products, therefore if your pet has not been seen by us in the last two weeks, they will need a free parasite check with one of our vets to enable us to dispense 12 months worth of parasite protection. Call the surgery today to book your appointment and order your products.

Here are some of the common parasites that we see and treat on a regular basis, the good news is that with modern safe veterinary treatments these are easily eliminated.

Fleas are very common and most common flea species come from our feline friends. If your pet becomes allergic to the flea bites this produces itchiness, hair loss and skin infections, but it is perfectly possible for your pet to show no signs at all.

Roundworm lives in both dogs and cats intestines and usually produces no signs of illness at all. However they can be picked up by children and in rare cases can lead to blindness.

Tapeworm occurs in both dogs and cats, but is mostly seen in cats who have fleas, or hunt (and eat) birds and mice.

Lungworm is caused by a worm that infests dogs and unfortunately it can be fatal when not treated promptly or when using preventative protection from parasites. Once a dog is infected the adult form of the worm lives in the major blood vessels and heart. It is the larval form of the worm that migrates through the lungs and hence the name.

These worms can cause a lot of damage to the heart and lungs causing severe disease and even death. Dogs can pick up the disease from slugs, snails and their slime and even from frogs. Thankfully there are treatments available. We use a spot on product which kills infections, but takes two applications to completely kill all the worms. As long as it used every 30 days it is also preventative. We would recommend using this on a regular basis to prevent problems to occur so speak to us for more details.

The good news that if caught early all of the above infestations are usually got rid of with a minimum of fuss. However, if left, they can develop into serious conditions affecting the health and happiness of our companions.

Don’t forget to contact us for your parasite products during July and August