Please note we will be closed on bank holiday Monday. Click here to view the latest information on how to access our services.

Please note we will be closed on bank holiday Monday, click here to view the latest information on how to access our services.

Flea treatments for cats are offered at Blythwood Vets in North London to keep your cat safe from pests. For your cat’s welfare and long-term health, you must use effective, preventative medicines against the most common parasites on a regular basis. Remember that prevention is far easier and less expensive than cure. Invest in proper flea treatments for cats in North London from Blythwood Vets' professional facilities.

Cat Flea and Worm

Importance of Flea Treatments For Cats

We at Blythwood Veterinary Surgery want to emphasise the need for flea treatments for Cats in North London in order to shield your Cat from one of the most prevalent dangers. As our Cats are members of the family, ensuring they stay protected and are able to live a long and happy life is crucial.

Since fleas are quite prevalent in the environment and are easily picked up when your pet is outside the only way to be sure that your Cat does not have them is to use the frequent, high-quality flea control that is advised by our veterinarians.

How Fleas Can Harm Your Cat

Fleas can seriously endanger your pet’s health in addition to causing them discomfort, soreness, and itching if you do not choose effective flea treatments for Cats in North London. Due to the amount of blood that a Cat might lose to the parasites, flea infestations can induce anaemia, which can be fatal, especially in kittens and weaker felines.

You will most likely discover fleas when your cat regularly chews and licks its haircoat and skin. You may occasionally see little brown fleas moving fast through your cat's haircoat. Cats, on the other hand, are excellent groomers and may eradicate fleas so well that you do not see them. Your cat's frequent nibbling and licking may cause obvious patches of hair loss, small crusts and flushed, irritated skin. Fleas can also cause skin allergies and transfer parasites like tapeworms to your cat, so it's therefore imperative you look for Flea Treatments for Cats in North London from Blythwood Vets.


How To Check For Fleas On Your Cat

Adult fleas are typically harder to discover on cats than on dogs. Looking for flea filth (really flea excrement) in your cat's haircoat is one of the finest ways to check for fleas.

To check for flea dirt, comb or touch a part of your cat's back hair while he or she is sitting or resting on a white piece of paper. If your cat has fleas, black particles that resemble dirt (thus the term "flea dirt") will fall onto the paper. If you place these black flecks on damp paper, they will become red or rust-colored in no time. The red colour is caused by blood drawn from your cat being passed in the flea's excrement. If the dirt specks do not become red, they are most likely "normal" dirt.

we provide flea treatments for cats at Blythwood Vets in North London


How To Prevent Your Cat From Getting Fleas

In addition to flea treatments for cats in North London, you can protect your pet against fleas by following additional preventative measures. Insecticides can be used to eradicate fleas from both indoor and outdoor locations if necessary.

Additional methods include frequent vacuuming of pet beds, carpets, furniture, and other interior locations where your cat is likely to be. This will aid in limiting flea regeneration within your home. Our vets can examine your situation and provide effective and safe flea treatments for cats in North London. If you need to see a pest control specialist about treating your house and yard, your veterinarian will be able to tell you.


Pet Health For Life Plan at Blythwood Vets

Instead of restricting how much time your pet spends outside, think about investing in affordable flea treatments for Cats available from us at Blythwood Vets. These precautions could be crucial from April to October because the warmer months serve as a breeding environment for these parasites, and they can help safeguard your Cat.

With our Pet Health Plan, you will receive all year-round flea treatments for Cats which will protect them from fleas, worms, ticks, and lungworms. From as little as £18 per month, you can keep your Cat as healthy and content as possible by paying a monthly charge that covers flea treatments in addition to a number of other services. To learn more, get in touch right away!


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Book an appointment today with us at Blythwood Vets or contact us via our contact form to speak to a member of our team about our flea treatments for cats in North London.

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