Please note we will be closed on bank holiday Monday. Click here to view the latest information on how to access our services.

Please note we will be closed on bank holiday Monday, click here to view the latest information on how to access our services.

North London's Blythwood Vets is a veterinary clinic near to Stanmore that can provide your pets with the greatest care so they can live long and healthy lives. We are proud to show how our facility has received the highest calibre of veterinary care and customer service according to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Practice Standards Scheme accreditation. Visit our reputable veterinarian facility near Stanmore to learn more about how we can assist your pet.

Blythwood Vets offers a service that prioritises you and your pet in addition to our trained and skilled vets and nurses. As a reputable and caring veterinary clinic near you, we treat and care for all the animals who come through our doors as if they were our own. This attitude is demonstrated by the treatment and attention we give.

While in our care, your pet will receive the best medical care imaginable, and they should always be content, joyful, and healthy. We want you to know that we will only keep your pet with us if it is absolutely necessary and any time spent with us will be kept to a minimum.


If you are looking to check your pet’s health, why not book an appointment with us today or give us a call on 020 8954 0554


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We are the veterinarians near Stanmore who can provide comprehensive, preventative, and emergency care six days a week for all small animals, including dogs, cats, small mammals, and birds.

Vets in North London, near Stanmore

Here at Blythwood Vets, we understand how much you cherish your pet and how important it is to keep them happy and healthy.

Because of this, we provide a Pet Health for Life plan, which is a simple and cost-effective solution to shield your pet against illnesses that may be prevented by keeping up with routine checkups and vaccines. Pet Health for Life provides affordable, comprehensive care for the entirety of your pet's life. You may spread out the cost of necessary preventative care and save money on routine pet care by joining Pet Health for Life. Just sign up now.


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Why Choose Blythwood Vets? 

  • Dedicated team of vets and nurses
  • Fully qualified and registered vets and nurses
  • Pet Health For Life
  • Silver Accredited Cat-Friendly Clinic
  • Highest levels of care
  • Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Practice Accreditation Scheme


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Due to the fact that visiting our facility can be stressful for both you and your pet, we make every effort to make your experience as pleasant and worry-free as possible.  To do this, we make sure that our team receives the best training possible and that our services are always of the utmost quality.

All of our hardworking employees, including Clinical Director Barry Cameron, have a wealth of experience and constantly attend training to stay informed about the latest advances in medicine. You will always be greeted by a familiar face when you come at the surgery because a large portion of our personnel has been with us for a very long time.

Give us a call today on 020 8954 0554 to book an appointment or for more information on our services.


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As we recognise the need for 24-hour pet care, we are happy to provide an emergency, after-hours service from Vets Now, a partner of ours and a fully staffed animal hospital that provides the highest standards of care all throughout the night.

If you require emergency care from a veterinarian clinic near Stanmore, contact us on 020 8954 0554

Our Locations

Hatch End 

Map for Hatch End

500 Uxbridge Road
Pinner, Middlesex

020 8421 0510
[email protected]

Opening Hours:

Mon to Fri: 8am - 7:00pm
Saturday: 9am - 4pm

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Map for Bushey

2 High St
WD23 3DN

020 8950 2002
[email protected]

Opening Hours:

Mon to Fri: 8am - 7:00pm
Saturday: 9am - 4pm
Sunday: 10am - 4pm

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Northwood Vets open across limited hours

Map for Northwood

Waterlane House
Sandy Lane, Northwood

01923 820059
[email protected]

Opening Hours:

Mon to Fri: 8:30am - 12pm and 3pm - 7pm

Saturday: Closed

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Northwood is currently open across limited hours; therefore, please call us to arrange collections at 01923 820059

** Stanmore Vets Temporarily Closed **

Map for Stanmore

103-105 Stanmore Hill

020 8954 0554
[email protected]

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 8.30 - 7.00pm
Saturday: Closed

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Our Stanmore branch is temporarily closed, during this time please contact our Bushey branch for appointments.

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