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Please click here to view the latest information on how to access our services.

At Blythwood Vets in North London, we recognise that your cat is a beloved member of your family as well as a beloved pet. We are committed to giving your animal pets thorough care that is also caring. We provide top-notch services as part of our dedication to their welfare, so if you require cat microchipping near me, we can assist you in keeping your cherished feline safe and secure.


 cat microchipping in north london with Blythwood Vets


Why It’s Important To Microchip Your Cat

Accidents do occur, and because cats are inherently curious animals, they may occasionally walk off or become lost. but not with a cat microchipping near me provider. In order to make sure that your feline buddy can be quickly identified and brought back to you in the event that they become lost, microchipping is an easy and efficient solution. A microchip provides a lifelong method of identification for your cat as opposed to collars or tags that can be misplaced or taken off.

To protect your beloved pet and give yourself peace of mind, schedule a cat microchipping near me at Blythwood Veterinary Clinic in North London. We'll be happy to assist you with any questions you may have, and our friendly staff will be happy to lead you through the procedure.


How Does Cat Microchipping Near Me Work?

By placing a tiny, harmless chip just under the skin, typically between the shoulder blades, our skilled veterinary professionals in North London can perform a cat microchipping "near me." In that it is quick and relatively painless, this procedure is similar to a regular vaccination. Each microchip includes a unique identification number that can be read by a sophisticated scanner. This number is then put in a national database together with your contact information to make it easier to contact you in the event that your cat is found.

The best chance you have of being reunited with your cherished pet and the most important thing for their safety is to invest in high-quality cat microchipping near you. By contacting our skilled veterinary team at Blythwood Vets today and scheduling a cat microchipping ‘near me’, we can help lower the unfortunate figure of 12–18% of cats that go missing once every five years.


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The Benefits of Cat Microchipping:

Reunification: Having your cat microchipped considerably raises the likelihood of a successful reunion in the event that your cat goes missing. Animal control institutions, veterinary offices and animal shelters commonly check lost pets for microchips, making it simpler to locate and get in touch with the owner.

Peace of Mind: By seeking cat microchipping near me, cat owners can feel at ease knowing that they have taken preventative measures to safeguard their feline companions. It provides a trustworthy type of identity that is unchangeable and unlosable.

Quick and Painless Process: Our skilled vets make sure that your cat is microchipped quickly and comfortably. We put their well-being first while also offering a crucial identification measure.

Protection for Life: Once your cat has been microchipped, the identification is permanently affixed to them. As the microchip stays firmly in place, collars and tags don't need to be changed.

First and foremost, safety: Microchipping is a trustworthy and safe way of identification. The chance of an allergic reaction or rejection is decreased because the microchips are constructed of biocompatible materials.


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Keep in mind that a simple investment in a microchip can have a priceless impact on your cat's safety. By having your cat microchipped "near me," you can safeguard your furry friend's safety and improve the likelihood of a happy reunion if they ever go missing.

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