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Please click here to view the latest information on how to access our services.

Getting the correct Dog Vaccinations near you in North London for your pet is imperative to ensure they live a healthy and happy life. Here at Blythwood Vets, we specialise in providing our furry friends with the necessary Dog vaccinations near you and treatments to keep them protected from infections and diseases that they can catch from being outside, and our vaccinations ensure they stay protected from these illnesses that can be critical if not defended against.


Importance of Dog Vaccinations Near Me

You may be wondering about the importance of vaccinations and why you should be looking for an experienced and professional veterinary facility to provide dog vaccinations near me?

Dog Vaccinations are crucial for protecting dogs from a variety of vile diseases that might make them very unwell or even kill them. Dogs communicate mostly through smell; thus it comes naturally for them to poke their noses everywhere. Sadly, this is why they are so prone to contracting infectious infections. Like humans, your dog will inevitably face the possibility of developing a serious infection throughout its life.

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Get the appropriate dog vaccinations near you in North London with Blythwood vets




How Do Dog Vaccinations Work?

With dog vaccinations near you, its goal is to promote immunity against a particular disease. As a result, if your pet is ever exposed to this illness, its immune system will immediately identify it and develop a powerful, protective response. Dog Vaccinations have been created and are produced in accordance with very tight safety regulations. The pathogens in the injections are weak or only partially present.

This causes the body of your pet to develop antibodies that recognise and eliminate pathogens that enter the body. In the event that animals or humans contract the same sickness in the future, their bodies will be considerably better equipped to combat it. After your pet gets a dog vaccination near you, the level of protection offered by the vaccine gradually decreases; therefore, frequent revaccination is required to remind the immune system to create adequate protective antibodies. Blood tests called antibody titers count the number of antibodies present in the body. 


Your Dog Will Be Protected Against A Multitude Of Diseases

It’s every pet owner worse nightmare – seeing their dog in pain or suffering. However, ensuring you get the correct protection from dog vaccinations near me means your pet will lead a healthy and happy life! Our dog vaccinations at Blythwood Vets protect your dog against the following diseases:

Kennel Cough: Advised if your dog interacts frequently with other dogs or has a medical condition that could exacerbate kennel cough. If your dog goes to dog events and exhibitions, has a dog walker, or spends time in kennels or doggie day care, this is typically a must. Every year that your dog is at danger, they should have the kennel cough vaccination.

Rabies: Primarily for bringing and taking pets out of the UK. Your doctor will go over the best strategy for keeping your dog secure while you are away from home. Vaccinations against rabies are given every one to three years (depending on the vaccine).

Parvovirus: A potentially fatal, extremely contagious illness that produces severe vomiting and diarrhoea. Following a primary course of treatment, a parvo vaccination is often required every three years.

Distemper: A very dangerous, frequently fatal condition that affects the gut, heart, immune system, lungs, brain, and nerves, among other body organs. Distemper vaccine is often required every three years following a primary course of treatment.

Leptospirosis: A bacterial condition that harms important organs including the liver and kidneys and leads to significant sickness. Leptospirosis is also referred to as "Weil's illness" in humans. After an initial main course, leptospirosis vaccine is usually necessary every year.

Hepatitis: A virus that harms the blood vessels, liver, kidneys, eyes, and other organs. Hepatitis that is contagious can live in the environment for up to a year and transmit by bodily fluids. Infectious hepatitis immunisation is often required every three years after a basic first round.

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Getting dog vaccinations near me protects dogs from dangerous infections and diseases. Get yours today from Blythwood Vets




Booster Vaccinations Available at Blythwood Vets For Dogs

The best way to guarantee your pets safety is to invest in effective dog vaccinations near me. This is accomplished with straightforward booster vaccinations for dogs that can protect them against some of the most contagious diseases.

Even though dogs need annual immunisations, not all vaccines will be administered at each appointment. This is due to the fact that various immunisations have varying half-lives; your veterinarian may give you details on the timeframe for your dog. Nonetheless, as part of their regular care, your dog should receive at least one immunisation and at least one thorough health examination per year. This makes it possible for your veterinarian to check for any indications of impending medical problems.


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